A Vaastu Compliant Home- What Are the Pre-Requisites?

Investments are important at some point of time if one needs to lead a secured future. Property investments are the most coveted in nature and the most profitable at the same time. Residents are now gradually transitioning from living as tenants to real-time home owners. Prestige Willow Tree by Prestige properties is one unique project that is strategically located to perfection at Vidyaranyapura in Bangalore. The project comprises of high-rise architecture marvels that provide stunning views of landscaped gardens scattered around the project for and eco-friendly lifestyle. The amenities and floor plans devised at the project are one of a kind and caters to every residential expectation raised by the customer. With the introduction of government regulatory bodies like RERA and tax reforms such as GST, the demand for affordable homes has increased significantly. Residents from all the over the city are flocking to emerging locations like Vidyaranyapura to look for residential spaces that are in line with industry standards. Vaastu, over the years has been the determining factor that residents look out for before going for a house purchase. It holds strong sentimental and superstitious value. It brings luck and prosperity to a house when residents are in line with their Vaastu requirements. 
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When it comes to harmony, peace and vibes that are always healing, residents are inclined towards properties that are faced in a particular direction as opposed to investing in properties based on other parameters. Be it the home acoustics or the aspect contributing to spirituality within that concerned space, Vaastu plays a very important role. Property developers have realized this trend and have constructed residential spaces that checks all boxes when it comes to Vaastu requirements. To incorporate a customer-centric approach, residents are welcomed to the site at all times to experience amenities, floor plans and consult with architects regarding apartment facing and space allocation. This in turn establishes long-lasting relationships with key clients for future business prospects. Rest assured, residents who are partnering with Prestige Willow Tree are sure to sail through life with effortless ease.

Let’s now look at some pre-requisites that should be followed by developers as well as residents before they purchase a house in order to make the property Vaastu compliant.

Make sure the property and the apartment should face the North and East direction

This is a very important factor that residents and developers should consider. The property that interests the customer should be facing the North or the East direction so it complies by the books of Vaastu structures. The way the apartment is built, determines the personality of the house. There are high chances that apartments facing towards any other direction can adversely affect the well-being on in-house residents and can have a negative impact on the entire family which isn’t a healthy way to go about real estate investments.

Property shape- An essential pre-requisite

Property developers and investors should keep in mind the shape of the property. For instance, the property that interests residents on which the apartments are built should be square or rectangular in shape. Property investors should avoid apartments or properties that are of irregular shape. For instance, if the entire property is triangular or circular in shape, it doesn’t comply with Vaastu norms.

Floor plans to be in line with Vaastu specifications

Prestige Willow TreeAny residential project is considered successful if it matches the demand of residents pertaining to different aspects. The project interiors are as important as any other aspect that contributes to overall credibility. Even the entrance of every unit variant should be designed to perfection if it needs to adhere to Vaastu norms. Design specifications within an apartment are important as it affects the overall space and comfort within the space allocated. For instance, extended corners for every room within the apartments is not considered advisable.

Introduce Vibrant Colors- Contributes to effective Vaastu application

The colors of walls within a house determines the personality of the house. Having dark colors conveys a negative vibe which is not healthy for residents who are first-time property investment aspirants. Residents should make sure they paint their walls and introduce furniture that are light in color and exudes a vibrant feeling within the apartment.

Prestige Willow Tree has taken all this into consideration and have devised strategies so every apartment is Vaastu compliant so residents are safe and secure within the premises. With amenities that suit every residential need pertaining to comfort and well-being, Prestige Willow Tree Vidyaranyapura is sure to provide the best-in-class realty services to investors from all backgrounds and income levels.


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